Following a plan to Broadcast Hymns this morning against Hong
idolaters summoning devils; and, following the destruction
a small host of Chinese idols on Monday morning, August 30th
(beach next door), BEHOLD : Between 8.58 AM and 9.00 AM
today, 10th September 2010,
A Mighty Sign was fulfilled :

NB : The cross travelled North to South down the Hong Kong Gold
The rock below is also the Gold Coast of The Big Island of
AND where tHis Ministry began between December
1984 thru December 8th 1985 and onwards into
NOW - Amen

The Lord Knew that i wanted to place A Large Wooden
in front of the idols' destruction zone on the beach
(far right of the moments below), so the lost souls
would see
JESUS Christ The Lord instead of satan - MIZPAH

ONLY God Knew that i would start The Loud Hymnal Replies from
the rooftop
this very morning, BEFORE the cross appeared - Alleluia

Click the circles above to view close ups
of each
Witness Testimony - Alleluia

Or the individual pictures below - MIZPAH

Constellation Seven Revelation Ministries For
JESUS Christ


Christ JESUS Assembly Of The Seven Stars


Castle Peak Bay Christian Assembly

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Isaiah 41
Keep silence before me, O islands;
and let the people renew their strength: 
let them come near; then let them speak: 
let us come near together to judgment.

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